Clinton Chiropractic
Dr. Karin Roebke
391 Clinton Corners Rd.
Clinton Corners, NY 12514
Tel: 845.266.4160
Dr. Karin Roebke is a 1987 graduate of New York Chriopractic College on Long Island. She is licensed by the State of New York and has been practicing general chiropractic care locally since 1988. Although her practice is in general chiropractic care, such as back and neck pain, she also specializes in muscle therapy including Myofascial release and is experienced in the treatment of headaches, TMJ, scoliosis, shoulder, arm or leg pain, numbness, and joint disorders. She emphasizes personalized care and a patient's personal health. If the health problem is such, it cannot respond to chiropractic care, referrals will be made to area specialists. Likewise,
Partners in Massage have referred clients to Dr. Roebke for chiropractic care for many years. As co-owner Chris Hanckel says, “We have full confidence in Dr. Roebke’s excellent care." 

About one hour is spent with each patient during the first visit. During this time, an extensive chiropractic exam is taken, as well as, a neurological and orthophedic exam. A complete patient history is also recorded and all health problems discussed. Subsequent treatments are individualized and depend on patient needs, 
but 20 minutes is scheduled for all treatments. 
In addition to the extensive muscle massage therapy and spinal adjustment at each visit, treatments may also include joint manipulation and soft tissue manipulation. Exercises and nutritional advice are also provided if needed.

All ages respond well to chiropractic care. 
In fact, children respond as readily as adults. Often, children who suffer from asthma, chronic ear infections, hyperactivity, and a variety of other ailments benefit from chiropractic treatment. Many mature people in their seventies and eighties who have had complaints such as arthritis, joint pain, and poor circulation also attribute their active, healthy lifestyles to chiropractic treatment. And even teenagers 
sometimes aren't as flexible as they thought they were!

Clinton Chiropractic specializes in natural health care without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractors spend years of training in order to locate the points where misplaced spinal bones may be pressing or irritating nerves that travel down the spinal column to muscles, organs, and glands of the body. The area fed by the damaged nerves may receive an improper nerve supply—many physical discomforts are linked to improper nerve supply.

The adjustment is the chiropractor's form of treatment. During the adjustment the bones in the spine are gently realigned to their natural position, restoring normal nerve flow and blood supply to all the parts of the body. The adjustment treats the cause of the problem—not just the symptom.