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Dr. Karin Roebke
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"Dr. Roebke has been able to alleviate my muscle pain on numerous occasions, in a surprisingly short amount of time. As an equestrian, I have had pain in my upper and lower back, as well as my hips. I can honestly say that when I had treatment from Dr Roebke, the pain was gone after three visits at most. I tried other types of treatment, as well as just waiting it out, but there was no comparison to the thorough and precise treatment offered by Dr Roebke. I highly recommend her!"                   –Dawn Rambo
Patient Testimonials
​I live a very active lifestyle through officiating athletics and working contract side jobs, so mobility is a must for me. My ailment tends to be lower back pain associated with the pelvis/SI joint. I have gone to many chiropractors in the Hudson Valley, but none have been as effective as Dr. Roebke. Her technique of muscle manipulation in combination with the adjustment allows for the fix to take better and hold longer. I recommend trying a visit with Dr. Roebke to everyone, just so they can see the difference.               –Danielle
"I have seen several chiropractors over the years and have never found another chiropractor who seemed as compassionate and caring as Dr. Roebke. She has a gentle but surprisingly effective approach that doesn't involve the abrupt cracking and thrusting used by other practitioners I have tried. I have a lot of stiffness and tight muscles in my upper back that respond well to what feels to me like accupressure. I have disk problems in my lower back along with sciatic nerve pain in my legs and bursitis of the hip that have been helped with Dr. Roebke's treatment program. She asks for feedback at each visit and listens very carefully to how I describe any physical problems."                                         –Nancy Terry

"I've been a patient of Dr. Roebke's for many years now and her treatment has been nothing short of miraculous. For many years, I suffered from chronic low back pain and sciatic nerve pain due to scoliosis. The pain could be so severe that at times I was unable to walk—I literally had to crawl. My general practitioner could only prescribe pain killers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy in an attempt to relieve my pain. These remedies provided only short-term, temporary relief. I was very skeptical about chiropractic but I decided to give Dr. Roebke a try. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Roebke's, I no longer suffer from sciatic nerve pain in my leg nor has same ever reoccurred. Dr. Roebke's chiropractic technique is very gentle, yet very, very effective."                           –Jami St. Pierre
Dr. Karin Roebke